SMARTup Conclave

What is SMARTup?

SMARTup Conclave is a series of round table knowledge sharing and networking events being organized by ah! Ventures & as part of their endeavor to connect the start-up fraternity and create valuable business-centric conversations between domain specialists and entrepreneurs.

The focus of these conclaves is to deal with issues and problems that plague young companies and divert their focus from their core competences and business. Different startups from different parts of the country have different issues plaguing their company's growth. We understand that and hence, we are here with SMARTup 2019 and a whole new set of issues that need to be addressed differently for each of your cities. Issues such as business planning and strategy development, aligning immediate and long term goals, generating investor interest, scaling a business, managing cash flows, building sticky relationships & customer loyalty, getting paying customers, regulations, compliance, understanding term sheets, understanding how to go about building your tech as a non-techie without a tech co-founder, sales and marketing processes, how to focus on and enhance the logic of business, what is the role of IoT in business, when do you need AI and what does AI mean beyond chat-bots for your business etc. will all be amongst the many topics that is covered under these conclaves.

We all need a thriving community that brings value and keeps us up and running at all times, to work to the best of our abilities. Through SMARTup Conclave, we intend to build one such community with people from all across the country from various domains, backgrounds and cultures. SMARTup Conclave is a focused and enriched networking and knowledge sharing experience that will bring tremendous value to entrepreneurs and young businesses.

Each SMARTup Conclave shall have limited seating.

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Refund Policy

Customer initiated refunds are subject to conditions. In case of conclave cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances, we reserve the right to retain costs of arranging the conclave.